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Since 1999 NATO has helped to arrange numerous training events, all aimed at tree officers in the UK. We have successfully delivered over 150 workshop style seminars with over 2200 training places filled.

In the current economic climate and with local authority training budgets stretched to breaking point we have been unable to organise our own events but have worked closely with the AA and others to deliver a number of conference style events and roadshows on key subjects and issues. We have also worked closely with our members to arrange in-house training - bringing the training to you and attracting delegates from the local area. We will keep a close eye on available budgets and demand from tree officers in the future.

To assist all tree officers the following diary highlights those events which are being run, often by others, throughout the UK. For bookings please contact the listed training provider directly.

NATO is currently a member of BALI - if you wish to take advantage of BALI membership discounts please contact NATO first with the details of the event you wish to attend and we will confirm how to get the discount directly from BALI.

Details of the current available training known to us is detailed below. For bookings please contact the listed training provider directly.

If you have a suitable and appropriate event that you would like to include in the list below please do not hesitate to contact us.

April 2018

17/4/18: CAVAT workshop, NATO/Liverpool City Council, Liverpool

May to July 2018

22/5/18: Bats and Arboriculture: AA, Derby

26/6/18: Trees Pests, Diseases and Fungi: AA, Wokingham

August - October 2018

9/9/18-12/9/18: AA Amenity Conference: Exeter University

16/10/18: BS3998: 2010: AA, Preston

November - December 2018

6/11/18: ICF/MTOA/LTOA - National Tree Officers Conference, Telford

13/11/18: BS5837: AA Ilminster, Somerset

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