How to become a supporter

ATO relies on subscriptions from its members and income from supporters to operate and represent its members.

Becoming an ATO supporter provides you with an opportunity to have your company logo on the ATO website, with a 500-word description of your company and its products, at an annual cost of £330 per annum. You will also get a rectangular box with your company logo on the bottom of each website page with the ability to click on the box through to your company website. As a new supporter you will be able to do a 5 minute presentation about your company at the start of one of our twice yearly online seminars. This opportunity will provide exposure for your company, and your support will assist ATO to represent tree officers when dealing with matters concerning central government and regional local authorities.

One of the benefits of becoming an ATO supporter is direct access to sponsorship opportunities as and when they arise. Being a ATO sponsor will provide your company with additional targeted exposure.

Please contact the National Co-ordinator on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in being a supporter. Please submit a written application via email on how your company aligns with our vision. This will be emailed to Directors for approval.  Your company or organisation should work in the arboricultural sector.


Our Supporters



EZYTREEV: Tree, TPO and asset management system

A fully-comprehensive solution designed to manage trees and woodlands from storing both current and historic data, all inspections and works, to offering support for conducting surveys and risk calculations, through to work order scheduling and tracking, budgeting, contractor management and processing enquiries.

  • Cloud-based, accessible from any location using a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Integrated with GIS mapping, GPS is used for navigation around the maps
  • Dedicated Onsite app with full access to all tree data at all times with or without an internet connection
  • Flexible & scalable to specific requirements
  • Easy integration with client’s CRM systems & a range of third-party applications including corporate mapping systems, financial management, business intelligence systems and utilises API and WFS connectivity
  • TPO Management caters for various methods of identifying trees for preservation starting from carrying out a survey and plotting trees through to creating a TPO and all relevant documents, plus efficient processes for works applications/notices
  • Support for dealing with Ash Dieback, the system helps determine and manage the risks from the disease, plan mitigation work and establish costs of tree works or replanting
  • Asset mapping & management for any open space, park, street or landscape assets and equipment

For more information please visit:

or contact: 0330 223 1133,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Tree Life


Tree Life has been dedicated to improving people’s understanding of trees and their management since 1997. From humble beginnings, we have grown into the premier independent UK training provider and are proud to count numerous tree officers amongst our previous and current students.

Not only do we teach up to degree level, we also ‘practice what we preach’, with our founder Dave Dowson being an AA Registered Consultant, and fully qualified expert witness. The current Level 4 Diploma in Arboriculture and the strategic ATP in Urban Tree Management exist as a direct result of Dave’s tireless endeavours on behalf of the profession. Many people will now be familiar with the Professional Tree Inspection course, another of Dave’s achievements in his quest to establish consistent and recognised best practice across the industry.

Our mission has always been to improve the treatment of trees by improving education for all. We rely on the likes of tree officers up and down the country to put that theory into practice. So, we take our corporate hat off to ATO members and applaud the work they do, and the achievements they are able to make under sometimes very difficult and challenging circumstances.

As well as teaching the Level 2, 4 and ATP online, Tree Life offers Professional Tree Inspection training and other short courses online & in the classroom – for details and locations, please visit our website at or feel free to give the office a call on 01162606939



Barcham Trees

Barcham Trees in addition to being the largest container tree nursery in Europe are now the only nursery in Europe to offer independent verification as to the physiological health of their trees. Using leaf fluorescence, chlorophyll content and electrolyte leakage as measures, over 45,000 trees have been tested over a three year period. At a time when tree health is in the spotlight such testing is another assurance of tree quality, health and fitness for purpose.


GreenBlue Urban

Greenblue Urban is the global leading solutions provider in assisting trees in their battle to establish in urban spaces.

With more than 40 years’ experience in the landscaping industry GreenBlue provide exceptional expertise in planning, design and the installation of trees in the hard landscape.

Working alongside Architects, Landscape Planners, Urban Designers, Local Authorities and Contractors the renowned ArborSystem® brings together the key elements of successful tree pit design and simplifies the planning and installation process.   Landscape professionals can combine SUDS, root management, structural soil components, aeration, irrigation and chose an appropriate above ground surface grille and vertical guard in a single package. 

Discover more on our ground-breaking products visit       

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

+44 1580 830 800

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter@ GreenBlueUrban



TreePlotter Software


The TreePlotter™ software suite, developed by PlanIT Geo™, is used by thousands of local governments, private businesses, consultants, charities, housing associations, and universities to map and manage urban forests. Help your organisation shine with the latest in urban forestry technology.

TreePlotter INVENTORY uses a web-based GIS platform and allows unlimited users to collect and manage asset data online or offline on any desktop or mobile device. The Development Survey module gives consultants all the tools they need to meet and exceed the requirements set out in BS5837. With TreePlotter CANOPY you can visualize tree canopy data, fine-tune planting priorities based on a range of socioeconomic metrics, evaluate canopy goals, and measure projected impacts on ecosystem benefits.

PlanIT Geo and TreePlotter Software are designed to boost the technology capacity of any organization that wants to measure, manage, and protect green assets. To learn more or book a consultation click here or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rainbow Professional

Rainbow Professional is the UK’s leading manufacturer of tree care products and award-winning landscaping brands Rite Edge and Rite Pave.

As a leader in sustainability, Rainbow is the first to have launched a biodegradable tree guard – the Rainbow Bio Spiral. In 2022, it has launched the Rainbow Terra, the first certified soil biodegradable tree shelter. The Rainbow Terra, which is made from PEFC wood and bio resin, also biodegrades in freshwater and marine environments, ensuring no waste is left in the environment. Besides spirals and shelters, Rainbow also manufactures bio vole guards. 

Next to this, it is known as the inventor of the (Rainbow) Buckle Tree Tie and a wide range of other tree tying system. More recently – it has launched a tree watering bag to protect mature trees in cities from droughts. 

Visit our websites or contact us for more information

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sorbus International

British owned & based in Frome, Somerset; Sorbus offer a huge selection of specialist products for arboriculture, forestry, utilities, horticulture, landscaping & grounds maintenance both in the UK and overseas. We stock a wide selection of PPE, work clothing, tools and more; including the award winning Japanese ARS pruning range for which we are the UK master importer/distributor and the American LogOX range of forestry tools. We also offer heatseal branding & embroidery services using our own equipment, LOLER inspections and in-house splicing of selected climbing ropes. 

Our very popular training courses include realistic Emergency First Aid at Work plus Forestry element (EFAW+F) specifically for Arborists/Foresters and SRT / Two-rope working workshops.

What sets us apart is our ongoing commitment to source & supply hitech products /systems to our customers.  We are the exclusive UK distributors of IML GmbH / Electronic products including the remarkable IML Resi-PD microdrill (for decay evaluation in trees and other wood structures including utility poles & play equipment etc) and the complete PICUS range for trees including the market leading PICUS 3 sonic tomography system, TreeTronic electrical resistance tomography and TreeMotion Sensor systems. Recently introduced the PICUS Tension drought stress monitoring system gives early warning when trees are under drought stress so that appropriate action can be taken  – very useful as climate change progresses.

We are also exclusive UK distributors of the complete range of Haglof Sweden products; from Increment Borers, Electronic Clinometers, Laser/Ultrasound height & distance measurement devices to the incredible DPII computer calliper systems for forestry mensuration work.

For ongoing Tree Care we provide the BITE tree infusion systems to treat trees under stress or in decline, approved BioSecurity kits/disinfectants and the Avengelus Trichoderma based products that have many beneficial effects for trees, plants & turf. The latest addition is the PocketDiagnostic range of rapid on site lateral flow tests which includes identification of phytophthora at an early stage.

We have been actively engaged in regularly visiting UK colleges for many years to inform & educate students and local professionals about our range of hitech decay detection devices and tree care systems – and provide the opportunity for them to use these products. We are also happy to provide similar free of charge sessions to Tree Officer groups in the UK.

Quality Assured to ISO 9001:2015 we strive to offer quality products to our customers with unrivalled customer care. In short, we aim to treat all our customers as we would like to be treated ourselves – with efficiency, politeness, and respect.

To learn more and book a consultation - click here




Raising Industry Safety Standards

The only independent safety scheme for the Arboriculture Industry.

SafeArb™ applies to tree care service providers, organisations, and individuals. SafeArb™ has been developed as an essential support and assurance for arboriculture contractors and sub-contractors. It establishes the requirements for best practice and issues certification of compliance. SafeArb™ provides evidence of competency for tree maintenance operations in parks, highways, gardens, and public places, driving higher levels of Health and Safety, Quality of Service Delivery, Sustainability and Environmental and Biosecurity protection.

SafeArb™ has been developed by professional auditors and leading industry practitioners and is delivered by a UKAS accredited Inspection Body and holds SSIP accreditation. The standard of compliance is gained through independent audit.

What are the benefits of SafeArb™?

  • You shall gain formal recognition as a certificated professional, individual or company.
  • As an independently audited and certificated professional your clients and customers shall know that you have acquired the industry level of competence and have a commitment to professionalism and safety.
  • Certification offers assurance to those who engage sub-contractors. SafeArb™ has already been adopted by some of the country’s leading arboricultural companies and certification is a requirement for those wishing to become a sub-contract service supplier to those organisations.
  • The audit practices and principles are designed to meet the safety, environmental and quality demands of modern arboriculture and amenity tree care.

3core2 Certification is a UKAS accredited Certification and Inspection body and holds ISO17021 and ISO17020 for certification and inspection activities, this includes SSIP and SafeArb™. 3core2 Certification is the only accredited inspection body to deliver an arborists safety scheme in the UK.

SafeArb™ is closely aligned to ISO45001:2018, and fully meets the requirements of SSIP. And does include elements of ISO14001:2015

3core2 Certification does offer a combined ISO45001:2018/SSIP and SafeArb/SSIP audit offering efficiencies to the effect of the SafeArb™ audit element consists of ½ day effort.

For more information about SafeArb™, contact:

3core2 Certification Ltd

834 Birchwood Boulevard




Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Whilst we thank the companies that support ATO and the work we do with Tree Officers we do not approve nor endorse the work or services of the above companies.