Biosecurity Information

International, national and regional organisation biosecurity links:

International Plant Health Sentinel Network

European Commission – Plant Health & Biosecurity

Defra – Plant Health Portal

Gov.UK – Forestry Commission – Tree Pest & Diseases

Forest Research

Arboricultural Association – Biosecurity

Observatree – An early warning system for tree health - The Association of Tree Officers is an associate of Observatree.

London Tree Officers Association 


Observatree, early warning system for tree health

This multi-partner project pulls-together tree health research and expertise and combines them with trained volunteers and educational resources to help people to identify and report a selection of important tree pests or diseases. The Observatree volunteers have reported significant pest and disease findings and they help to support tree health scientific studies and targeted surveys. The highly acclaimed pests and diseases identification guides, videos and other resources that underpin the volunteer training are used and promoted by professionals; they are freely available from the Observatree website. The website hosts regular blogs, news items and produce a quarterly e-newsletter that can be subscribed to


Local Authority Ash Dieback links:

Listed below are links providing information on how some local authorities are dealing with Ash Dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus).  (The Association of Tree Officers does not endorse the examples listed below but hopes the examples will give some indication as to what some local authorities have in place at present).

Kent County Council

Norfolk County Council

West Sussex County Council

Devon County Council